Nightmare Night


A 2D platform game in the style of GameBoy


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Nightmare Night is a two-dimensional platform game with a GameBoy aesthetic in which you play as a young squire who will turn into a knight capable of rescuing a princess along the course of his journey.

But to do so, you must survive a series of enemy-infested levels littered with traps. Some enemies, like goblins, are relatively easy to kill with a few hits of your sword. Others, like the skeletons, exist to make your life difficult.

You will find some upgrades as you advance through your adventure. The first improvement, for example, is a helmet, which makes your little squire appear much more aggressive.

At the end of the first level you'll face off against a goblin shaman, who will use his magic to give you with a much more difficult battle than anything you have faced thus far.

Nightmare Night is a fun two-dimensional platform game with charming retro graphics. It's sure to please fans of old GameBoy platform-based adventures.

This version of the game only includes the first level.

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